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During registration, the you add your name, email address, and password then optionally select the preferred level of communication. First Name, Last Name,  Password, and Email are required. When the Phone and Text option is set, phone or mobile phone are also required.

The email address must be unique. If a couple shares an email address, only one partner can create an account with the shared email address.


Next, the you can enter additional details, such as phone number and address. When the text notification option is selected, Mobile Number is required.

Although it’s not a required field, listing zip code is recommended to help get the your accurate quoting information

  • Click the Register button to continue.

  • You will then receive an email to activate your account.

  • When the you click Activate Your Account, you will be redirected to a page that instructs you to activate your account.

  • Once they activate their account, they can log in.

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